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At the end of last year, we found ourselves in a bit of a slump with the business. We realised we hadn’t been coming across as we’d like to, so since the start of 2021 we’ve been working hard to change that.

If you’ve followed us from the start you’ll know that we released our first three products last year. We love what we made but the designs were purposely simplistic, thinking about what people might want instead of what we really wanted to create.

After looking back at our uni work, we had an epiphany – why the hell haven’t we used this?! We both really enjoyed our uni projects and each developed our own unique style. Thinking about it, we realised we were scared of what people would think. Are our designs too out there? Are they wearable? Will people actually like them?

There are so many designers/brands that are successful for just being themselves, so from here on out we’re going to create things we love in our authentic design styles starting with both of our final uni collections. After all, that’s what led us to start this venture in the first place.

Since Em’s degree is in fashion design, she already had two gorgeous sample jumpers designed and knitted up as well as a pair of earrings so we’ve adjusted them slightly and now, our first (proper) collection is ready!


Another problem we had was our photographs, they didn’t come out how we’d envisioned. As we’ve said before, neither of us particularly enjoy being in front of the camera and it really showed. Alas, thanks to covid we haven’t been able to work with any actual models so we’ve had to make do. We’re super happy with our latest shoot though cause we thought you know what, let’s just be ourselves and also, we love wearing these fun jumpers!

We love the old-school knitting magazines and pattern books we’ve grown up with from the 50s/60s/70s so we adopted that style with our photography and editing. Our poses are also inspired by that style, just much more fun and more us.

With this in mind, lookout for Emma’s ‘Brown Clan Collection’ blogpost where she shares the story behind her designs and where they came from.

Em and Jess 💙


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