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Ellis and Low

Welcome to My New Knitting Blog

  • The Adaptive Camouflage Collection

    8th May 2021 by

    Hey, Jess here 👩‍🦰 This collection is based on my degree show collection all about reptiles and wood and the similarities and differences between them. Mine was a textile collection so Em helped a lot with these garment ideas! We came up with a jumper, a vest and a handbag using a mix of hand-knit… Read more

  • Revamp

    25th Feb 2021 by

    At the end of last year, we found ourselves in a bit of a slump with the business. We realised we hadn’t been coming across as we’d like to, so since the start of 2021 we’ve been working hard to change that. If you’ve followed us from the start you’ll know that we released our… Read more

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