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The Adaptive Camouflage Collection

Hey, Jess here 👩‍🦰

This collection is based on my degree show collection all about reptiles and wood and the similarities and differences between them. Mine was a textile collection so Em helped a lot with these garment ideas! We came up with a jumper, a vest and a handbag using a mix of hand-knit and crochet – all made with 100% wool from New Lanark Spinning.

For this project, I focused on the ectothermic (cold-blooded) qualities of reptiles and how they respond to changes in their environment. Unlike us mammals, reptiles can’t automatically regulate their internal temperature, they rely on external sources like the sun to heat themselves up. With this idea in mind, I used pigments that changed colour when exposed to heat and light.

Unfortunately, these pigments weren’t made for wearable (or washable) garments, so we chose to make both the jumper and the vest reversible to keep with the ‘colour-changing’ theme. This collection shows the contrast between warm and cold, light and dark and the textures of wool and wood.

Final pieces for uni. 💙

In Two Minds

The ‘In Two Minds’ jumper is a reversible, boxy crop with a roll neck and rib trim and cuffs inspired by the texture of wood. You basically get two jumpers in one! The stitch pattern was based on my colour study of the Yellow-Headed Day gecko and the abstract cut outs I made.

We chose to carry the wraps round to the other side and add ‘CAMOU-FLAGE’ text for a graphic, contemporary feel that fits with our first collection. (We have a blog on the ‘Brown Clan Collection’ if you fancy a read).

Sketchbook page. ✏️


The ‘Gila’ vest is a reversible crochet v-neck with ribbed arm and neck finishings. This bobbly pattern is based on the gorgeous scales of this Gila Monster lizard. I took colour inspo from the same colour study of the Yellow-Headed Day gecko, the pink is just a little brighter. Just like a lizard, you can choose either the warm or cool side depending on your mood. P.S. How cute is this lil’ guy!

Gila Monster.


We’re so excited to release our first bag design! We really wanted to keep a tactile wood element with this design to tie in with my uni work. Every part of this bag is made by hand including the pine handles and label which are cut, varnished, painted and printed by us. Lookout for the pops of periwinkle! 👀

The ‘Upscale’ handbag was inspired by my uni sample (shown at the top of this blog) which was based on this guy, the African Bush Viper.

Bush Viper that inspired the bag. 🐍
(secondary image)

It’s been so fun developing my old textile designs into bold, wearable knit and crochet pieces for you guys to wear. Now both of our uni collections are out there, you’ve had a glimpse of mine and Em’s original design styles. From here on out, Ellis and Low will be a fusion of both and we’re very excited about it!

Thanks for reading if you got this far! Our designs hold a lot of meaning so we appreciate you taking the time to see what goes into them.

Check out the collection on Etsy –

Em and Jess 💙


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