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The Brown Clan Collection

Em here πŸ‘±β€β™€οΈ

I’m SUPER excited to finally share my degree show collection with you all! πŸŽ‰ This collection includes 2 jumpers and a pair of earrings, designed using inspiration from old photographs, patterns and the history of the Brown clan. My final year of uni was one of the hardest years of my life, this was the year my best friend (Grandma) passed away. Designing and making this collection gave me something to focus on whilst also giving me time to rummage through old photos and hunt down the knitwear! (See ‘The Browns’ Knit Archive’ further down).

Meet the Brown Clan

From left to right: Audrie Brown, William Brown, Alistair Brown and Ailsa nee Brown. The Brown clan previously lived in Larkhall, Scotland. However, after William married Audrie, against his mothers wishes, they moved down and lived in Oldham, England.

Bunch of samples. 🧑

Family Beach Day

The first jumper I designed was the ‘Family Beach Day’ jumper. It’s design was based on one of my favourite photos of the Browns, took in the 70s, it shows them all standing by their beetle at the beach, holding a bat, ball and spade (also check out that knitwear). The shape was inspired by a 70s knitting pattern that my mum passed down to me. It’s a boxy, cropped batwing jumper with a rolled neck and cuffs. I also looked at the Browns’ knitting history for inspiration, this is where I came across Carsluith Castle, hence the arches on the front of the jumper!

Sketchbook page. ✏️
The Browns hanging by their beetle.

Fancy a Game of Rummy?

The second jumper I designed was the ‘Fancy a Game of Rummy?’ jumper. This is also a cropped, batwing jumper with a rolled neck and cuffs. It’s design was based on a photo taken in the swinging 60s, featuring Barbara, Anne and Audrie playing rummy, drinking port and smoking cigarettes. The patchwork placement in this jumper was inspired by the stonework that arched over the old fireplaces at Carsluith Castle. My favourite section of patchwork has to be the cables falling into the loops, they’re so unique and fun!

Sketch of Carsluith Castle.
Gals night in playing rummy.

Audrie’s Slims’

To go with this jumper, I designed a pair of cute crocheted cigarette earrings. Fun fact – only Audrie is smoking in that old photograph, Barbara and Anne used to “smoke” candy cigarettes whenever Audrie whipped one out!

The Browns’ Knit Archive

I’m not just obsessed with wearing knitwear, I’m also obsessed with seeing my family wearing knitwear. So I decided to make a little archive showing you some of my favs. (I will add to this whenever I find a new gem!).

Great Grandma Brown knitting on some sleeves back in 1950.
Great Auntie B rocking the knitted bobbles at sea.
Grandad wearing his hand-knitted vest made by Grandma.
Like father like son, wearing knitwear at the beach.
I now wear this cardigan that my mum made when she was 18!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, it means a lot. Please head over to our Etsy if you’d like to shop this collection!

Bye for now. πŸ‘‹

Em and Jess πŸ’™


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