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Our Packaging

Our Packaging

We’re so happy we can say that all of our packaging is 100% recyclable, sustainable and plastic-free! ♻️ We love that nothing is bleached or dyed and that it’s all the same natural brown colour – it lets our colourful business cards and stickers pop! Doing our bit for the planet is really important to us so we want our business to be as low impact as possible. 🌍

Everything we need to package your orders.

Boxing it up 📦

We have a few different sized boxes that we stamp by hand, write a little note in, build-up and fill with our natural shredded paper.

Flat boxes into built boxes.

Some of you may have seen our business cards, but if not, here they are! We extended our ‘sheep planet’ for the background and added our name to the centre.

Front and back.

Wrapping it up ✂️

Once it’s all boxed up, we seal it with a sticker and wrap it up using Kraft paper for extra security as it’s tear and burst resistant, even when wet! We then use gummed paper tape to seal it because we HATE plastic, plus it’s way cuter than sellotape. We’re a small start up business so we hope to add to our packaging in the future to make it extra special and unique to us.

‘Sheep planet’ stickers.🐑

Thanks for taking the time to read all about ‘Our Packaging’. We really appreciate everyone who reads our blogs, we love sharing our brand’s story and everything that goes into running it. You can see more regular updates over on our Instagram @ellisandlow and browse our products on Etsy –

Em and Jess 💙


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